Sulfur – Health Benefits, Symptoms of Deficiency, Food Sources

Sulfur is a mineral that is present in all cells, especially in cartilage and keratin of skin and hair. Food contain sulfur, and the need for this mineral is met when there is an adequate protein in our diet.
Sulfur is important for a healthy hair, skin and nails, it also helps maintain oxygen balance for proper brain function.

Health Benefits:

  • Purify and tone system and promote bile secretion.
  • Constituent of essential amino-acids.
  • It is a mild laxative, thus preventing constipation.
  • Helps treat rheumatism, gout and bronchitis.
  • Use in the treatment of skin diseases.

onion and garlic is rich in sulfur

onion and garlic is rich in sulfur

Symptoms of Deficiency – Sluggishness and Fatigue.

Daily Requirements - 850 mg. / day

Supplemental Dosage – usually unnecessary.

Food Sources: Garlic, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, legumes, asparagus, dried beans, nuts, chives, fish, eggs. Oyster have fair content of cholesterol but contain high density lipoprotein, thus prevents platelets stickiness and clumping.

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