Guava Fruits and Leaves Health Benefits

Botanical Name: Psidium Guavaja

Guava is very common fruit in Asian countries. The fruits are available in round, oval or pear shaped, it ranges from the size of a large cherry to that of a pear or apple, the fruit is dark green and hard when unripe and becomes soft to touch when ripe; the color also changes from dark green to a little yellowish green or with a tinge of pink. Most contain lots of small seeds but there are also seedless guavas.

Uses: Guava is consumed as fresh fruit; you can also make it into guava juice, guava sauce, seasoning for food, guava jam, chutney and pickle.

Guava Fruits Health Benefits:

  • Unripe guava fruit when eaten can help to control diarrhea, vomiting and to expel intestinal worms.
  • Guava contain rich amount of dietary fiber; this is beneficial in cleaning the intestine, aiding digestion and lessening the risk of developing colon cancer.
  • Fresh guava juice is very helpful in providing relief in cough and cold. This is because it helps to loosen cough, reduce mucus, disinfects the entire respiratory tract, lungs and throat.
  • Guava can help reduce blood cholesterol and help prevent the thickening of blood, thus reducing blood pressure. A study shows that people who ate five to nine guavas a day for three months reduced their cholesterol levels by 10 percent, triglycerides by 8 percent and blood pressure by 9.0/8.0 mm Hg, while boosting their “good” cholesterol (HDL) by 8 percent.
  • Guava juice is beneficial for men because it helps in maintaining a healthy prostate; it also increases sperm production when consume on regular basis.
  • Guava can help improve the texture and health of the skin. This is because it has an astringent property (especially immature guava) which helps tighten loose and saggy skin.
  • Guava juice helps with dengue fever and malaria because it helps to purify and nourish the blood.
unripe guava fruit
unripe guava fruit

Guava Fruit Nutrient Content: Per 100 gm.

  • Vitamin A: 250 I.U.
  • Vitamin B: Thiamine .07 mg.; Riboflavin .04 mg.; Niacin: 1.2 mg.
  • Vitamin C: 302 mg.
  • Calcium: 30 mg.
  • Iron: .7 mg.
  • Phosphorus: 29 mg.
  • Fat: .6 gm.
  • Carbohydrates: 17.1 gm.
  • Protein: 1.0 gm.
  • Calories: 70
ripe guava fruit image
ripe guava

Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves: Guava leaves are high in antioxidants which can repair the cells that are damaged by oxidants.

  • Guava leaves tea is very helpful in giving relief in cough and cold.
  • Fresh guava leaves when washed and chewed (chew but do not swallow) can help give relief from toothache. The tea when use as mouthwash can also help tighten the gums.
  • Fresh guava leaf tea can help women who have a problem with prolonged menstruation and heavy vaginal discharge – can even help cure yeast infection.
  • Guava leaves has strong antibacterial property that is why it is very effective when used as a disinfectant and to heal wounds when applied externally.
  • Guava tea is effective in aiding weight loss by stopping the conversion of starch to sugars.
  • Guava tea has anti-allergic property and therefore helps in preventing histamine release.
  • Fresh guava leaves when applied to newly circumcised penis can help prevent infection and can hasten the drying of wound.
  • Guava leaves tea when used as wash in swelling of the middle ear or outer ear can help relieve swelling and infection.

How to Make Guava Leaf Tea:


  • 12 pieces of young guava leaves
  • 4 cups of water

Preparation: Pour 4 cups of water in the pan together with the guava leaves. Simmer for 5 minutes.  Drink 2-3 cups times a day if you have any infection or you just want a daily dose of antioxidant.

Leaf Tea Dosage for Diarrhea and Stomach ache:

  • For adults: 6 tablespoons
  • For children: (7-12 years): 3 tablespoons; (2-6 years): 1 ½ tablespoon

Take every 2 or 3 hours.

Medicinal Benefit of Guava Flower Bud: Guava flower bud tea is used for washing wound and skin ulcers.

Note: The skin of guava contains more than 5 times Vitamin C than that of an orange.

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